Benefits of Honey 1

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Easily digested:

Because sugar molecules in honey can be changed into sugar (for example fruktosa into glucose), honey stomach easily digested by even the most sensitive, despite having a high acid contents. Honey helps kidney and intestine to function better. Low calorie: Quality honey is, if compared with the same amount of sugar, honey calories womb 40% lower. Despite providing a large energy, honey does not increase body weight. Berdifusi more quickly through the blood: When mixed with warm water, honey can berdifusi in the blood in seven minutes. Free sugar molecules make the brain work better because the brain is the largest sugar pengonsumsi.

Assist the formation of blood:

Honey provides a much needed energy for the formation of the body of blood. Furthermore, it helps cleaning the blood. Honey positive effect in helping set up and the blood circulation. Honey also functions as a protector against the capillary tube and arteriosklerosis.

Kill the bacteria:

Nature of the honey kills bacteria called the "inhibition effect". Research on honey show that the nature of this increased twofold when diluted with water. Indeed interesting that the newly born bees in the colonies fed by liquid honey bee-bee is responsible, caring for them as if they know the ability this honey.

Royal jelly:
Royal jelly is a substance produced in the worker bees in the nest. This high nutritive substances containing sugar, protein, fat, and various vitamins. Royal jelly is used to overcome problems caused by lack of tissue or body weakness.

Clear that honey produced far exceeds the number of bees needs, created for the benefit of mankind. And was also clear that bees can not perform tasks that in such a difficult "by itself".

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