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Humanitarian tragedy that is quite dark, the Holocaust, which is always the talk will be vulnerable to conflict even in the modern era, such as at this time. Hecatomb structured made by Hitler and Nazi allies together around that since 1933 up to 1945 have created a sheet of black history that are difficult for humanitarian eliminated so only in the earth. Fruit of the ambition and the fascist dictator, Adolf Hitler, who wanted to unify Europe and even the world in a family of Germanic race, Arya (superior). Consequence is to destroy all ethnicity (tribe), nation, race and culture of other (inferior).

The word Holocaust is itself derived from the word Greek 'holo' (overall) and 'caustos' (burn), which means the destruction of bulk fuel in the way. Holocaust is the worst holocaust in human history made by Nazi Germany and kolaboratornya. They do it systematically to create a very efficient tool in order to kill millions of people in that time be calculated very quickly.

Tragisnya is time persecution and murder of the Jews by the Nazi during the war in the world to-2, which then dikenang with this tragedy the Holocaust. Immediately in a short period of time, Hitler is able to destroy millions of people. Even destruction of this range to reach the six million Jewish people. Action rasis made by Hitler terperangah this has made the nations throughout the world. To remember the victims, the memorial and museum built in the world.

However, in recent decades appear controversy last year will not correct the Holocaust tragedy. Scientists question whether the Nazi actually slaughter the Jews have? Or the motives which have now started menelisik the dark events. Even Iran stated that the events as a form of propaganda that aims to explore the justification for the Jews to enter the Palestinian territories (Arab) and establish a country that is now known as Israel.

Ahmadinejah, President of Iran, said that "the Holocaust is a fictitious story that dihembuskan to enter Israel jatung in the Islamic world, so that the West have a man of a very powerful attack for the Islamic world and membuah confusion with the attitude of Israel's famous hypocrite."

Evidenced with the actions of a certain kind of face double the nation of Israel in every sikapnya. Political attitudes as it is also used by the West and the United States and any foreign country kebijak. Even some time ago Iran also facilitate international meetings that set back the existence of the Holocaust that was attended by experts of history and scientists from many in the world. No wonder if this activity is very Western and be censured by the United States.

Books with the title "Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust: Faktar reveal, History and Kotroversi Back in the Holocaust" with a very neat show her Adofl Hitler, chancellor of Germany rose to power on the calyx years after the 1933 Nazi Party seize a majority seats in parliament during elections that time. Military leaders and politicians of Germany and became one of the most powerful dictator in the twentieth century. The creation of the anti-Semitisme by Hitler as a Nazi Party propaganda build also clearly illustrated by Sanford Goerge, et al, the author of this book.

In length, the author also describes the Tragedy of the Holocaust is simply informative. Inclusion amount of data that is not easy to be debated the following repellent Holocaust some images and photos are also included. Especially since the facts in the European mid-century slaughter occurred and discriminatory treatment of Jews. Slaughter, which comes from Russia, began to occur in large-scale against the Jews since the beginning of the XX century in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Although this book is actually a short biography of the fascist, rasis and otoritarian, Adofl Hitler, but at least the critical issue has been a leader of the Nazi Jewish nation that is now dikenang with the dark "Holocaust".

With how Hitler is able to summon the ambisiusnya to return to the nation-hanguskan the Jews and Semites. Or, again, will it all is the fact and fiction is not merely the story of late has become a hot debate komtemporer in the world? This book will be at least a little to help all the readers who want to flog more permasalah in all events related to the Holocaust.

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