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In general, honey bee farm business can be done in large scale and small-kecilanatau with the traditional way. Honey produced from the farm can be directly dijualke market. If the honey bee farm grown well and will be able to generate profits that are not small. But do not forget the needs of our bees must also note the well. Disediakanpun place that must meet the requirements. Also provide water that is not so far from stup (pen bee honey). Tanami place around the tree fruits, especially many of the flowers for honey bees will suck nektar, pollen or food flour in the flowers.

For the first stage we create a square box-shaped enclosure for the bee. After we prepare the set-up (for the enclosure honey bee) and then we keep bees serombongan also common and include the queen bee or the queen bee is called. For this case we can we can buy from the farmers who usually sell bee bees in the form of a package.

Needs for food bees can we put in the form of a mixture stup the pollen with a sugar syrup that will be able to accelerate the growth of larva. For the syrup that made the cold packed in thick.

In his stup we tempatkansisiran for the larva. If the set is damaged, immediately replace with a new one. Food bees also often must be controlled if the food is much more reduced with the liquid syrup and pollen. This will make a bee colony endure.

Some types of bees:

1. Queen Bee:
Bees have compound eyes of most small bees among three types of others. Antenna on the edge of the ring has 11 pieces. Stomach also appears consists of six sections.

The queen bee has two active ovary kesuburanya. Also have a bag seperma. The queen bee is able to produce three types of labah, the queen bee, the drone, and worker bees.

2. Bee Jantan:
Have compound eyes that are larger than the three other types of bees. The stomach appeared tediri part of 7. Drone has a pair of testes, which can produce sepermatozoa the berda in the stomach.

After the marriage with the queen bee, drone will die soon. Drone has a larger body of the queen bee and worker bees, but not throughout the body bee queen.

3. Worker Bees:

Antenna on the worker bees have the ring 11. Stomach appears to consist of six parts. Bees can lay eggs but when in the very forces, if not in koloninya accidental tersadapat the queen bee worker bees will lay eggs. Worker bee sting is if you have only one he will soon die.

As a potential breeder bees we need to know what type of plants that are preferred by honey bees. Bees are like the type of plants that have a high uterus nektar. For example only tanama that grow around us, such as jruk, banana, coconut, apples, cashew nuts, durian, tamarind fruit, mango, rambutan, and papaya.

Stup (pens for bee honey), which contains the bees should have been facing towards the east so that tekena sunshine. Akan but should be avoided from the sun for a prolonged mengakbatkan will air in the summer and will be stup bee-bee will not feel comfortable staying there again. They will soon leave the nest and create stup elsewhere.

Stup location must be in place diteduhi shady trees. Place or location that is the kind that will make honey bees like to live in the nest. How placement can swing up and placed on the ground with the foundation. If you want to create some distance stup Arrange atara stup it. Should not less than two meters. Atasi also from the wind blowing directly on the stup.sebab this is less profitable for bee breeders.

Sari honey produced some useful material for the body, the vitamin e, vitamin h, and vitamin B.

In addition, honey contains glucose, salt-garan minerals, protein, and fat. Meanwhile vitamin h extract honey in exchange for useful glair, asimilasi speed, and the role of fat in the exchange of substances.

Watch carefully every sunday. After madunya seen many, we live and take the next diperas, enter into a clean bottle. When the rack shaft should use because there is honey on the plate-plate mixed with the maggot (children eggs and bees).

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