How to Save the Earth

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01. Use our water: Sikat teeth: with a tap, 1 min = 6 L = glass with ½ L

01. flush: flush = single two-flush 6 L = 3 L
to dispose of urine, small press Flushing
to defecate large press Flushing
Washing the car: with = 75 L bucket with a hose L = 300
car wash / siram plant with a hose for 30 minutes = 180 L
Washing machines: front-loading = 100 top loading L = 150 L
Washing dishes: cock (15 min) basin L = 90 L = 45

02. Faucet / toilet is leaking, the water per day to remove useless 100 L

03. Average water usage in Indonesia, per person per day 144 L = 8 gallons, while in the city per day 250 L = 13 gallons

04. Use toilet shower more economical than air scoop

01. Turn off electrical equipment when not in use. Do not leave electrical equipment is on stand by condition, remove the cable from the stop contact. Use the contact with the stop button on / off so that does not need to fuss revoke / install cable.

02. On the stand by condition, still using the electronic equipment of the power 5 watts. Leaving the TV, computer, tape, DVD player on stand by condition for 8 hours / day means:
- To waste the power of 160 watts / hour / day
- Throw away the money of Rp. 35.000, - / year
- 43 kg of waste CO2 emissions / year

03. Especially in the electricity Hematlah pk. 17:00 - 22.00 at the time because all electrical equipment used in general ..

04. Use energy efficient type of lamp is marked with the CFL lpw (lower per watt). The higher lpw it, the more light is effisien. Select the CFL with lpw watts more for the same


01. Monitor computer: The type of LCD more energy efficient than the CRT type.
LCD Type: require 40 watts and 3 watts at stand by
CRT Type: need 120 watts and 20 watts at stand by

02. Lap top more energy efficient than a PC. Lapt top requires 60 watt 200 watt PC are even more for certain brands.

03. Turn off the printer when not in use

01. Use of AC

Room A C Power
10 - 14 m2 ½ PK 400 - 600 watts
14 - 18 m2 ¾ PK 600 - 900 watts
16 - 24 m2 1 PK 900 - 1200 watts
24 - 36 m2 1 ½ PK 1200 - 1900 watt
36 - 48 m2 2 PK 1900 - 2700 watt

02. Use AC in the room is closed so that energy does not terbuang useless.

01. Recharge the battery while HP, only 5% of incoming electricity to HP, a 95% terbuang useless. Reduce waste electricity immediately pull out the battery charger if HP is full.

01. Reduce waste by reducing the use of paper to save forests. Every day paper waste in the world comes from the stem wood 27000.
02. In the electronic era, the paper savings can be made by sending news and invitations over the internet / email.
03. Use paper with 2 sides (back and forth).
04. Paper that has been used 2 the (pace) and have not used again, collect and provide the pemulung sold as material for recycled paper.
05. Use the envelope again with membaliknya, it will not reduce the respect you in your recipient's mailbox.
06. Select the rechargeable electric balance with a gesek not to use paper.

Oil / gas emissions
01. Choose products in the country. Imported products that will be spent for CO2 emissions pengangkutannya.

02. Mengemudilah correctly (eco driving) so sparing of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. How:
- Not with the aggressive driving
- Move to a higher transmission as soon as possible and not too fast when moving to a lower gear.

03. Make an appointment to get together with family or friends to save fuel, do not go its own way if the same or analogous purposes.

04. Traveling by car is very common to save fuel because it can carry many passengers (bus, train) compared with private cars.

05. Walking or cycling can save the earth, as it is very good for health.

Tree planting FOR WHAT?
- Oxygen factory for the quick
- Penyerap air pollution
- Penyerap gas will reduce the CO2 global warming
- Root function to absorb rain water so that helps us avoid flooding in the rainy season and drought in dry season
- Leafy trees that can act as a natural AC because it can reduce the surrounding air temperature
- Take advantage of sleep
Imagine the loss if the tree ditebang. Use of bamboo as a substitute for wood


Gas from the atmosphere is a function SEPERTI glass panel in the greenhouse. Tasks, capturing the sun's energy so that heat is not released back into the atmosphere. Including the category of greenhouse gases is CO2 (carbon dioxide), NO2 (dinitro oxide) and CH4 (metana). Without the presence of gases, the heat will evaporate to the sky again and the average earth into 63o F (33o C) is cold.
GLASS HOUSE EFFECT is NOT because the building / house look in the mirror.

CO2 produced by the burning fossil fuels (oil and coal). Use of chemical fertilizers also potentially produce metana gas (CH4).

Waste causes global warming.
- Profuse tissue = tree out of the raw material for the cause of global warming =
- Excessive use electronic refrigerator BBM = = spendthrift causes global warming
- Prodigal = wasteful plastic petroleum (plastic fuel) = cause of global warming
- Prodigal = wasteful light = energy causes global warming
- Goods imported = need more fuel to haul = causes global warming
- Wasteful use of energy spendthrift = AC = causes of global warming

"Capture" Precipitation way:
- Create resapan wells or wells biopori
- A container vessel water rain
- Tree planting
Patch and use rain water to flush the plant, bath brush, swab, etc.

1. dig holes of cylinder, diameter 10 - 30 cm, depth 80 - 100 cm (can be less if the face shallow ground water)

2. the distance between the holes with each other 50 - 100 cm

3. fill hole with organic waste (kitchen waste, leaves, grass). Continue to add organic waste if the fill hole is reduced due to decomposition

4. strengthen the mouth hole with insert paralon (10 cm) and the mouth hole edge disemen not to landslides

5. close with "loster" or close the channel so that the toilet does not harm children

Biopori well, an easy way to:
1. to increase the flood because the water resapan
2. because the waste can change organic waste into compost
3. reduce emissions from activities mengkompos organic waste
4. fertile land
5. troubleshooting water causes the occurrence of dengue fever and malaria

1. Avoid the use of one-use chopsticks and straw (used only 3 minutes) in order not to increase the amount of waste. Use chopsticks can be washed after use and used again.

2. Wash and re-use equipment used for food after the event then. If conditions are bad and had to be removed, clean the remaining food from the first, and give the pemulung.

3. Spend dipiring have food to reduce waste.

4. Avoid removing the remaining water in the glass / bottle. Use plants to flush, wash hands, etc. Try to spend your drink.

5. Various types of tissue produced from wood fiber and can not be recycled. Use a cloth / towel which can be used repeatedly to lap plates, table napkin, table cloth, etc.

6. Tea bag dye made from materials that are difficult destroyed. Select non-tea powder and tea dye

7. Do not let the magic jar up for 24 hours a day. Turn off immediately after cooking or cooked rice. Just as soon want to turn on heating or food rice

8. Cooking oil made from palm oil. The existence of oil palm plantations have been changing the face of natural forest in Indonesia. Berhematlah use cooking oil to save our forests and reduce emissions. Peat moss forest to absorb carbon emissions are greater than the rainfall

9. Select the soap or shampoo are large, can be filled back. In addition to more economical, we can also reduce packaging waste

10.Kulkas empty spend more electricity than a refrigerator full.

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