Influence on Development of Children's Games

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Play is an activity undertaken to obtain someone fun, without considering the end results. There are parents who think that children who play too many children will make a stupid and lazy to work. Crackbrained this contention, because some psychology experts say that the game is very big influence on the development of the child's life.

Factors that affect the games children:

1. Health
Children who are healthy have a lot of energy to play compared with children who are less healthy, so that children who are healthy to spend more time to play that requires a lot of energy.

2. Intelegensi
Children who are more intelligent than the active children are less intelligent. Children who are more intelligent game-like game that is intellectual or a lot of games that stimulate their thinking power, for example, drama games, watching movies, reading or reading-reading that is intellectual.

3. Sex

Daughter fewer games that do spend a lot of energy, such as a swarm, run, run, or other physical activities. This difference does not mean that children of women less healthy than boys, but the view that children should be children of women who go on soft and smooth.

4. Environment
Children who grew up in an environment that provides less equipment, time, and space for children to play, will play the child activity is reduced.

5. Socio-economic status
Children who grew up in the environment of the family social economic status, the more available tools than a full game with the children who grew up in families that low economic status.

The influence of play for child development
Playing affect children's physical development
Play therapy can be used as
Play can affect the child's knowledge
Affect the development of creative play children
Play can develop children's social behavior
Play can affect children's moral values

Various games and the benefits for children's mental development

A. Game On

1. Free and spontaneous play or exploration
In this game the child can do all things of interest, there are no rules in these games. Children will continue to play the game during a game is fun and raise a child will stop when the game is not menyenangkannya. In this game children experiment or investigate, try, and find out new things.

2. Drama
In this game, children portray a role, be admired imitate the characters in real life, or in the mass media.

3. Playing music
Playing music can encourage children to develop social behavior, that is by working together with friends in sebayanya produce music, sing, dance, or play a musical instrument.

4. Collect or collect things
This activity often creates pride, because children have a collection of more than friends. In addition, the objects can affect personal and social adjustment of children. Children pushed to be honest, work together, and compete.

5. Sports games
In sports games, many children use physical energy, so that it is the development of physical help. In addition, this activity encourages children to learn socialization interact, work together, play the role of leader, and the rate of self and abilities realistic and casual.

B. Games Pasif

1. Read
Reading is a healthy activity. Reading will broaden knowledge and insight of children, so that the Son will develop creativity and kecerdasannya.

2. Listen to the radio
Listen to the radio can affect children both positively and negatively. Is the positive influence of children will increase in knowledge, while the negative effect that is when children imitate the things that broadcast on the radio, such as violence, criminality, or things other negative.

3. Watching television
The influence of television the same as listening to the radio, either positive or negative influence.

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