Interesting fact in Around We

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1. Coca-cola first green

2. Name the most commonly used in the world is Mohammed

3. In the English language, all the continents begins and ends with the same vowel letter

4. Most muscle in the body is our tongue

5. Each person in the USA have 2 credit cards

6. TYPEWRITER is terpanjang word that can be given in a row your keyboard keys
7. Women ngedip two times more than the male

8. Hold one's breath makes you will not die

9. Every human being can not lick your own elbow hand

10. If a person says' bless you 'every time there is a sneeze is because every time you sneeze, cease jantungmu one milisecond

11. Physically, each pig can not look to the sky

12. Say the "Sixth sick Burgess's Sixth sheep's sick" a few times. Later you will be conversant in English!

13. Sneezing too hard can break rib bones, the blood vessel in the head or neck and cause the death

14. Each king in a card Remi represents the kings of old age:
spade king - king daud
king kriting - alexander agung
king of hearts - king Charlemagne
king diamond - Julius Caesar

15. 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

16. If there is a statue of the horse and ride two horses front legs in the air is rising, that marks the man died in the war

17. If only one foot kudanya which means he was only wounded in war

18. If all set foot kudanya land, the people that died because of illness
19. What similarities anti-bullet vest, laser printer, emergency stairs and car wiper? The answer: all is found by women! ha!

20. The only food that can not decay? answers: honey

21. Farming can be a tongue melet

22. Snail can sleep for 3 years

23. All southpaw polar bears!

24. American Airlines to save $ 40,000 in 1987 by reducing the number 1 fruit olive from each salad plate that they serve for 1 class passenger

25. Feeler senses butterfly on foot

26. Elephants are the only animals that can not jump

27. During the 4000 years, the types of animals kept at home is just that -

28. The average man more afraid of the spider of death

29. Shakespeare found the word "assassination" and "bump"

30. By using a 10-finger typing, STEWARDESSES is terpanjang word that can be given only with the fingers of the left

31. Ant always falls to the right each time the liquid anti-pest disemprot

32. Chair found by a dentist

33. Human heart can squirt blood 30 feet as far

34. In 18 months, 2 rat tails can have more than a million children mouse!

35. Wearing headphones for an hour can stimulate the development of bacteria in the ear as much as 700 times!

36. Found before the match

37. Each lipstick contains fish scale

38. Like fingerprints, no human tongue contours have different

39. And finally, 99% of people who read this article certainly try lick elbow hand

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