Life Meaning

5:21 PM

Life is not about collecting value.
Not about how many people menelponmu
and also is not about who pacarmu, former pacarmu or people who are not you pacari.
Not about who has the smell you, what sport you play, or young girls or
which menyukaimu. Not on sepatumu or rambutmu or colors or place
tinggalmu or sekolahmu. In fact, also not on the values ujianmu, money, clothes,
or universities that menerimamu or not menerimamu.

Life is not about whether you have a lot of friends, or whether you're alone,
and not about whether you accepted or not accepted by lingkunganmu. Life is not
about it. However, this life is about who you love and you sakiti.
About perasaanmu how about yourself. About trust, happiness,
and affection.

Life is about the feeling of resentment, jealousy, boastfulness, no matter the taste,
and build trust. About appreciate what the people and not because of what

And, most importantly, life is about choosing to use your life to touch
lives of others in a way that can not be replaced by other means. Life is about
determine the options according to the word.

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