4 kinds of nature that make up human personality

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In basic, there are 4 kinds of nature that make up human personality. MELANKOLIS, PHLEGMATIS, KOLERIS, and SANGUIN. Human nature is a combination of 4 this nature. But there is a combination of nature or the nature of the other dominate nature.

Nature - nature Positive:
-Have a quiet carriage.
-Careful in managing finances.
Usually, like with anything in the pictures, charts, tables, etc..
-If you decide something will always be thought mature what benefits and losses for him.
Sometimes, like analyzing the situation around.
-Have a high-strung nature.
-Nice to see and sort out things in the appropriate place
-I think something with a serious and deep.
If the write-off old SMS, is set so that the words fit.

Nature - the nature of Negative:
-Introvert (closed).
-If you have problems like This alone, after the problems accumulate, and eventually so stressful.
Usually, if what he does not want to achieve, he will be very "down" and the hard / long to be "cheery" again.
Suka-sacrifice for the sake of others.
-Like art.
-Perasaannya sometimes changed. Momentarily happy, right and then "down". and sloppy.

Way to identify people melankolis:
Usually, the color blue.
-Like with diagrams, pictures, tables, etc..
Given the carefully-if we get talking.
-If you're in a room, eyes always see that here-such as analyzing the rooms are available.

Nature - nature Positive:
Ready-quiet (cool, boss!).
-Not like the crowd too.
Wisely, in resolving problems.
-Note: Phlegmatis people are among the most wise to other nature-3.
-Sometimes we can not hit the atmosphere of his heart.
-If there is a problem, people Phlegmatis very quiet, so we feel a little involved so quiet even though in fact he also paniknya same with us. But it closed its cool attitude that
-Note: People tend to like Phlegmatis succumb to avoid conflict. So sometimes he just the only person on the other. There are many reasons for this preference:
1.Dia involved with the domination of others.
2.Dia not want to create a new problem.
3.Dia want to make other people happy with what desires obey.
4.Dia do not want to disappoint others.
Phlegmatis-Sometimes people do this with the feeling or the expense of her own interests for the sake of other people.
Suka-sacrifice for the sake of others.
-Note: The Phlegmatis willing sacrifice for the sake of others. He willingly give up the feeling, time, interest, regardless of his own soul may even he can make for other people happy.
-People relax.

-Not easily offended
-Giving something to others with a comfortable, without feeling forced or reluctantly.
-Impressed cuek / careful with the environment.
Low-hearted, do not boast about capabilities.

Nature - the nature of Negative:
1. Pessimistic.
2. Introvert (closed).
3. Like lazy-malasan.
4. Rarely on time, always molor.
5. Seems not have the spirit.
6. Easily used other people, as are the winner, and obedient.
7. Do not like to argue. Rarely reveal the opinions of others (to avoid conflicts occur).

Way to identify people Phlegmatis:
-Usually the color brown (ga what is wrong, lho yaa).
Kliatan-lazy-malasan (particularly lazy bath)
Suka-ga on time.
Self-ready, many natural ga, kalem.
The smooth-talking.
-If the handshake, less forceful occupation.

Nature - nature Positive:
-Have a strong foundation.
-Is hard.
-Ekstrovert (open).
-Have a strong ambition and seeks vengeance for achieved.
-Have a persuasive power (take) a strong against other people / have the charisma that makes people moved to compliance.
Suka-akan challenge.
-Have a natural talent to become a leader.
(Koleris is the nature of most of the 3 other nature).
In general, always-on time, if a bit late surely anger.
-Nice set of all things. He will be angry if there are people who change what he has set.
-Not too much talk in doing something. Sometimes people see, but I do not know what is he doing at that time.
-Have a strong principle.
-Having the nature of the strong domination of someone or something.
-Omongannya sometimes difficult to come off.
-Sometimes must complete what is he doing at that time. Can not be disturbed by other things. After he finished a new proceeding to other matters.
-If you see something that is less true, eg, painting a sloping, tap water that does not close perfectly, without speaking he akan segera merapikannya.

Nature - the nature of negative, if not brought under control:

Hard-head, to be difficult.
Suka-winning self.
Suka-to impose the will of others.
-If disalahkan, sometimes find themselves or justification to reverse the mistakes of others.
-Always want to obey any of the people he fate. Sometimes he does not want to know if other people have difficulty in meeting demand.
-Have their own rules that he applied to others. "If I do" A "to you, you should want, but if you nyuruh I do" A ", it's not what I want!". Sometimes just g, emang.
-If you are angry, sometimes accelerate puncture feelings of others.
Sometimes, he does not have any idea, that things would be different if viewed from the spectacles of others.
-If not direm, a koleris can become a dictator.
-He always assumes that what he feels, that is correct. This is causing him hard to accept correction from others.
Sometimes he was hard-to reveal perasaannya to other people. Because he closed by the ego is very high.
-Note: The ego is a feeling associated with the self, shame / shrink, which can not make someone do something for others.
-If stubbornness or domination he is too intemperate, people can turn against, or even leaving it.
-Note: The electrical current to the others:
1.Orang felt that he was feeling like a stone, useless we exert every effort to explain him. (emotional)
2.Orang akan feel failed in an attempt to make him understand a thing akan. (sad)

Way to identify people koleris:
The talking-dominated atmosphere.
-Up if people are not on time.
-Generally, the color black.
Easy to-shoulder with other people.
-Always be wishes. Can be seen from the way he sat. Koleris people did not sit with the "neat", always fall apart, feet lifted, dijulurkan to go everywhere, dst.
If the stand-off second hand bend. This shows the nature of domination and "defend" him against the environment.
-Note: 1.Sikap is more visible on the dominant guy. Because this is a typical guy's body language. If the guy shows this situation, the possibility of a nature he / basic nature tomboi.
2.Tidak all those who use body language is koleris. With experience we can know the difference, as will be more complex. This will be our study in our next book, he .. he.
-If you talk to other people, you can see who is dominating who.
-Because sikapnya that hard, he can be difficult to comprehend and understand what other people so desire terhadapnya.
Less-sensitive as a result of her treatment of others.
-If the handshake, hard occupation.

Nature - nature Positive:
-Are always cheerful, full of the spirit of the expansivity.
-Ekstrovert (open).
-Nice to be the center of attention.
-Sometimes kesedihannya closed by nature cerianya.
Suka-akan crowd.
-Bringing the fun atmosphere with other people.
-Expressive, tasteful humor.
Sometimes, plain, as is.
Full-curiosity of a case.

Nature - the nature of Negative:
-People who panic easily if problems occur.
-I look like a child / adult does not.

Way to identify people sanguin:
-Usually the color of light and light (red, yellow, light green, pink)
-Always look cheery and rame abis (nyampe abis ramenya).
Color-garments always be outside sometimes even a red, yellow dalemnya.
-People spontaneous / expressive, eg upset, he ngomong jujurnya with "ooh, I am surprised .." It can also, if he dikejutkan in a particular situation, he spontaneously mengucap a unique word. In severe cases, this situation can be called latah. (EXAMPLE: sodaraku Van doet ma-Ni2z jeyek - yek).
If the laughing-sometimes ngakak.

Nah, that's the Handaya briefly about the four basic personality. Personality can be a mix between a personality with the personality one. The average human being has the personality mix of the two above. For example, such as a mixture koleris with phlegmatis, or sanguin with melankolis. Hopefully you can find one of the characters shown above.

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