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Substance as a human being God, was created in the most perfect form. Humans are spiritual beings who will undergo phase-phase well before the birth of life, now and after death.

Above sentence may be too philosophical, but actually is a simple term that can be understood. Is a non-spiritual aspects of physical strength that is able to give people more than just to live. Evidence akan substance as human beings may be spiritual is shown with some examples below.

When the day-to-day life, people do not always happy in the condition. However, sometimes experience, grace, hard, happy, sad and even sometimes outside the taste of success came rencana.Semuanya switch silih as existing regularity. This is one of the feel of the spiritual in the human.

In the case of taste, people have different interpretations of what the heart is felt. Perasan happy, difficult, easy or not is a good phenomenon that the heart is common. Wind becak a stop back in once more asleep than who sleep in the hotels. To poor people more clever grateful akan rich conglomerates from the mad world. It all depends on how someone from that which the dialaminya.

Human feeling is not the absolute. If he felt sure he felt something else with the paradox that what he feels. So that it can be said that a happy real happy that does not exist. Pleased that there is a covered hard or difficult is pleased covered. For example if we struggle to promote the white dove, which we feel tired because it is difficult to think, act, beinovasi. But behind the ills that have a feeling proud and excited to see what we have perjuangkan.

Dasarnnya on three main aspects of the human self in the physical, mental and spiritual. Physical aspects are all things that can be perceived by human PANCA indra. Mental aspects that distinguish the human being with another. With the mental man can think, consider and take decisions for a problem. While you can diibaratkan spiritual life as a navigator. She will provide color and direction traveled from a human life.


Humans are social beings, meaning that only men will be what and whom he depends interact with whom. Humans can not live alone, if only because it alone does not "become" human. Living in the association, occupied the human yangbermacam range. On the one hand, he becomes the child, but on the other hand it is the leader. On the one hand he is the father or mother, but on the other hand it is the children. On the one hand it is the older sister, but on the other hand it is the younger brother. Similarly in the position of teachers and students, friends and opponents, labor and employers, large and small, and mantu law and so on. . In inter-human relations (interpersonal), a leader who is obeyed and respected
People, there is also the only ditakuti is not respected, begitupunguru or parents, who have obeyed and respected, there are also parents and teachers who do not obey, nor respected. Why so occurs?

There are three theories that help explain the model and the quality of the relationship between humans.

1. Transactional theory (Social Exchange model)
According to this theory, the relationship between man (interpersonal) that took place following the principle transactional, ie whether each feeling in the transaction gain or even loss. If you feel the benefits pastimulus relationship, but if you feel the loss of the relationship will be disturbed, drop out, or even turned into hostility.

Likewise the people and leaders, the husband-wife, mantu - law-director of the child, teacher-student, they think, their proportional contribution to the profits earned or even loss. Similarly the relationship between the central region, between the one entity with another entity.

2. Role Theory
According to this theory, in actual social association that has been skenari organized by the community, who manage what and how the role of each person in the world. In that scenario has been `written" how a President should be, how a governor should be, how should a teacher, students harusbagaimana. They also have a role that must be made by the husband, wife, father, mother, children, mantu, law and so on. According to this theory, if one adheres scenario, the harmony of his life will be but if the conflict scenario, he akan dicemooh be reproved by audiences and film director. In this era of reform is now visible once the scenario so that the conflict often didemo public.

3. Game Theory
According to this theory, klassifikasi man is divided only three, namely children, adults and parents. Children are fed, not ngerti responsibility, and if not immediately filled permintaanya akan nangis he rolled-guling or cranky. While the adults, it is simple and will be aware of the responsibility, due to conscious and aware of the risks. The parents, he always understand evil and love them. No one who felt strange to see children crying when rolled-guling eskrim have not met, but people will wonder if there are parents who are still childlike. The atmosphere of the household is also determined by how the fitness of adults and parents with the attitude and behavior, which should have been indicated. If not then surely runyam atmosphere. Similarly the relationship between central and local government, and subordinate antaraatasan. Government officials must be mature, President and Chairman of the MPR must be parents.

Indeed, to be sure that old, but it is a mature choice. Nowadays we see many people who have successfully occupied "seat maturity" behavior, but they still do not go out of childhood. House of Representatives that is already mature, eh ... sometimes even as perilakunya Preschool, said President Gus Dur that time ..

B. Nature fact HUMAN

Fact human nature to be fields of study, philosophy, anthropology, especially philosophy. Basis and purpose of education is normative filosifis. Is because the philosophical foundation for the necessary existence of a sound study of a fundamental, systematic and universal about the intrinsic human characteristics. Are normative because education has the task to develop menumbuh-fact nature of man as something noble worth.

The fact human nature defined as discrete characteristics, which is basic (not only gradual) distinguishes humans from animals.

Some, such as Socrates filsup man named Zoon Politicon (animal form), Max Scheller describes the man as das Kranke Tier (animal disease) that selslu and nervous problems.

Statement of fact and may cause a mistaken impression, animals and people think that only berbed is gradual, that is a difference with the engineering can be made through the same keadaanya be, for example because of changes in water temperature into ice cubes ago. As if the mastery engineering education can Orang Utan dijadikn humans. Human effort to find out that the animal is not identical with the human have been found. Charles Darwin (with evolusunya theory) has been struggling to find that people come from monkeys or primat, but teryata failed. There are mysteries that dianngap bridge the process of change from human to primat not afford diungkpkan called The Missing Link is a rantia eyes drop out. Details, not found evidence that indicates that mausia appears as a change from primat or primates through a process of gradual evolution.


1. Full human
In fact a human child will not grow and develop by itself, although have vegetative and animal nature. In himself he needs to develop the environmental group (RAKA Joni, 1985; 17). With live group manusua0manusia lainlah with children will be as expected by the group or community indonesia we expect that children soon become a man seutuhnya.
Children, as a whole is in fact a system. The parts or elements that make up this system terorganisasikan in the structure and function in terkoordinasikan. In accordance with the concept of the system, each element has meaning only if the elements are related to other elements in full.

2. Man that is not intact

Development that is not true dimensions of the intact human occurs in the development process if there are elements of the human dimensions of the fact that terabaikan signed on to, for example, dimensions kesosialan dominated by the development dimension keindividuan or afektif domain dominated by the development of cognitive domain. Similarly, there is a vertical domain behavior of terabaikan handling.

Development that does not result in full terbentuknya personality who does not limp and steady. Development of this kind is the development of pantalogis.

Level of integrity of the fact the human dimension is determined by two factors, namely the quality of the human dimensions of the fact that their own potential and the quality of education provided to provide services on its development

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