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Anonymous wrote "There is a mother who lived in Jakarta said that since maraknya case tawuran students in Jakarta, he took the initiative to take and pick up their children who are high school, a habit that he had never done before. What is not terrific, if a student does not participate -following-are involved with?

Why students are so often tawuran, as if they already do not have the sense, and I do not think is useful and what does not? Why are many young people involved drugs and free sex? What's all this wrong?

As featured in another article on this site, they are teenagers aged between 12 - 21 years. Adolescents will experience the physical and psychological development as follows:
Pre-pubertas period (12 - 13 years)
Puberty (14 - 16 years)
Pubertas end of the period (17 - 18 years)
Period Adolesen and adolescents (19 - 21 years)

The period of pre-pubertas (12 - 13 years)
This period is also called the pueral, the transition from childhood to adolescence. In the women's children, this period is shorter than the boys. At this time, the big changes going on teenagers, the hormone increased sexuality and start growing sexual organs and reproductive organs adolescents.

In addition, the development of intelektualitas a very rapid jga occurred in this phase. As a result, young people-teenagers behave like this tend to criticize (because everything was out), which is often realized in the form of protest or contestation of the parents, start the adults who deems good, and make it as a "hero" or pujaannya. This behavior will be followed by a forge all done by pujaannya, such as the hair, style of speech, until the habits of life is worship.

In addition, the adolescent is also more likely to dare to express their hearts desire, the more express opinions, even opinions akan maintain as strong as possible. This is often answered to by parents as a protest. Teenagers do not want to be treated as a small child again. They prefer to interact with the group deems appropriate with kesenangannya. They also dare to oppose the tradition of parents who deems obsolete and no / less useful, and the rules that they are not grounded, can not be like other places to stop by after school, and so forth. They will lose the interest to join in the formal social groups, and tend to join the friend-friend option. For example, they will choose to play a friend karibnya than with the family visit to the home of relatives.

But, at the same time, they also need help and assistance which is always ready from their parents, if they are not able to transform desires. At the time this is a critical time. If parents can not afford to meet the needs psikisnya the conflict that occurred at that time, young people will find it from other people. Parents must remember that the problems faced by teenagers, even though the parent is a trivial problem, but for teenagers it is a problem which is very-very heavy. Parents should not be thinking, "Yes ... that forgiveness is a small matter. The period you can not finish it? Bodoh once you", and so forth. But the attention seems to understand that parents are the problem once for remajanya, will be recorded in the brain of adolescents that parents are way out ang best for him. This will make it easier for parents to direct the development of psychic children.

Puberty (14 - 16 years)
This period is also called early adolescence, their physical development is so prominent. Teenagers are very anxious akan physical development, and proud that it shows that he is not a child anymore. At this time, young people become very emotionally unstable as a result of growth hormones seksualnya so rapidly. Sexual desire is also a strong showing at the start this time. In the adolescent female with marked menstruasi comes first, whereas in adolescents pris marked with the arrival of the first wet dream. Teenagers will feel confused and ashamed akan this case, so parents must mendampinginya and provides a good and true about sexuality. If this fails in with the good, their psychological development, especially in the introduction of self / gender and seksualitasnya akan disrupted. Cases of many gay and lesbian collapse begins with the development of young people at this point.

In addition, adolescents begin to understand about prestige, appearance, and sexual attraction. Confusion because they added labilnya emotional development due to the influence of seksualitasnya, difficult teenagers diselami perasaannya. Sometimes they be rough, sometimes gentle. Sometimes love romance, at another time he was so cheerful. Feelings of social teenagers in this period the stronger, and they join the group of interest and to make regulations with pikirannya own.

Pubertas end of the period (17 - 18 years)

At this time, the adolescent is able to pass well before, will be able to receive kodratnya, both as men and women. They are also proud of the body because they considered themselves determine prices. The period of this progress is very short. On young girls, this period lasted more than short men, teenagers, so that the process maturity young girls achieved more quickly than male youth. Generally, physical maturity and sexuality they are fully achieved. Psychological maturity, but not yet fully achieved.

Adolesen adolescent period (19 - 21 years)
During this period are generally teenagers who have reached perfect maturity, good sense of physical, emotional, and psikisnya. They will learn the various things that the abstract and begin a fight for ideals that gained from their minds. They began to realize that it is easier to criticize than menjalaninya. Sikapnya on life began to be seen clearly, as cita-citanya, interest, bakatnya, and so forth. The direction of life and nature is prominent akan clearly visible in this phase.

Adolescent hoax
Dido adolescents usually done by young people-teenagers who fail in the processes of development of the soul, both teenagers at the time and during the child-kanaknya. Childhood and adolescence lasts so short, with the development of physical, psychological, emotional and so quickly. The psychological, adolescent naughtiness is the form of conflicts are not resolved well on the boyhood and youth of the perpetrators. Often found that there was trauma in the lalunya, and rough treatment of the environment is not fun, and trauma to the environmental conditions, such as economic conditions make them feel lower self, and so forth.

The adolescent mischief, the re-emotional teenager who was strip-tercabik. Emotions and feelings because they feel damaged rejected by families, parents, friends, and since a small neighborhood, and the collapse of the adolescent soul. Trauma-trauma in his life must be completed, psychological conflicts that hang must be completed, and they must be given the environment that is different from the previous environment. The question: who is the task of all? Parents-kah? While the parents are too dizzy to think the burden of work and other life. His brother-kah? They also have their own problems, even they may also have the same problem. Government-kah? Or who? Not easy for her. But, to provide a good environment since early, along with the development akan our children well, will help reduce the many teenage mischief. At least not increase the number of cases that exist. "

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