Best Friend

12:39 PM

Why are you silent friend?
I Shut Because I do not want to talk
I enjoy Quiet atmosphere
Because silence can provide Nuance

Did not you see them talking friend?
Why You always silent memilh
I'm not them, I do not like a lot of talk
It shows meraka not Have Meaning

Do not you hurt or anger over their tantrum friend?
Angry? why be mad .. I just laughed
Look at them, clown-clown melakonkan stage drama
That Quality wise they are not

Was not the problem menyelesakai silent friend?
You're wrong, Silence answered with a thousand languages
Do not you see them foaming congor
In the words of which only one can

then what will you do best?
I'm just going to see and keep laughing
Seeing speech stage clowns were there
not if you're entertained by them

You're my best friend so I loved
It's a lot of talk we look miserable
With silence we can sense that there
You're my best friend is wise.

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