The characteristics of people who love us sincerely

4:33 PM

1. The person who loves you can never give a reason why she loves you, that he knew in his eyes there was only one mi ye him.

2. The person who loves you always accept what you are, you are always in his eyes the most beautiful / most handsome though you may feel your weight is too much or you feel overweight.

3. The person who loves you selau want to know about what you are going through this all day, he wanted to know you activity.

4. People who love you will send sms like "slmt morning"
"Slmt hr mggu" "slmt sleep", even if you do not reply to the message

5. If you birthday and you did not invite at least he would call to congratulate or send sms.

6. The person who loves you will always remember every incident which he spent with you, maybe even your own events to have forgotten every detail, because it was something precious to him.

7. The person who loves you always remember every kata2 that you might even say that you own kata2 never forget

8. People who love you will learn to like your favorite songs, maybe even borrow a CD / cassette you, because he wanted to know your favorite, favorite favorite, too.

9. If the last time to see, you're got the flu, sprains, or sore teeth, a few days later he will send a sms or call you and ask you feeling .. because he was worried about you.

10. If you say he will face the exam will ask when the test was and when morning came he would send an sms "good luck" or to call to encourage you.

11. People who love you will give her an item that might make you it is something ordinary, but it is a special item for him.

12. People who love you be quiet for a moment, when he was talking ditelpon with you, so you become confused as he felt very nervous because you've rocked her world.

13. The person who loves you always wanted to be and want to spend didekatmu with hari2nya.

14.Jika some point you have to move to another city for another time he would advise that you watch with an environment that can bring bad effect to you.

15. The person who loves you act more like brothers than like a lover.

16. People who love you often make such ridiculous hal2 call you 100x a day, or wake in the middle of the night because he sent an sms or call you. since that time he was thinking about you.

17. People who love you and miss you sometimes do hal2 that makes you upset or mad, when you say his actions make you annoyed he would apologize and not do lg

18.Jika you asked him to teach you something then he will teach with patience even though you may be the stupidest person in the world!

19. If you look at his cell phone so your name will adorn a big sbgn "INBOX" nya.Ya he still had a message from you even if the message had been sent since you bertahun2 even berbulan2 ago.

20. And if you avoid them or give a reaction of rejection, he would realize it and disappear from your life even if it killed him. Because all he wanted was happiness.

21. If at any time you miss her and want to give him a chance he will be there waiting for you because he never find someone else. Yes ... ... ... ... he was always waiting for you

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