Male Character Based Hair Forms

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It turned out to know the personality that can be seen on the basis of blood type, sleep position and based on the shape of hair. Never thought not, if the hair in addition to a crown on his head, also can show personality. Here are some types of hair that might fit the personality that made him feel.

1. Rough Straight Hair
Although rough shape, but it exceeded all of that. Type of coarse-haired man, but straight, usually a generous man and liked to help others. If this guy just given a little good, then this guy's hair type will respond with thousands of attention, especially in a world of romance. However, this type of man likes to experiment different things and usually selfish, also wants to win himself.

2. Rough Curly Hair
Men who have this hair is generally very aggressive, and easily influenced by environmental conditions around it, like a friend or colleague, making it less independent and less able to succeed if you have to work alone. However, this type is a socialist and helpful at any time if asked for help.

3. Rough hair Ikal / Wavy
The man with the type of coarse and curly hair are usually romantic and self-sacrificing love, especially for business. Man this type of hair, always thinking straight and predictable. If this type of guy to get the right partner, it would be possible would be great love to which a partner.

4. Medium Straight Hair
This type of man usually likes to pretend, and the nature of man in general. However, this type of love entertaining people, although feeling too sad or happy ones. Because of this nature, this type of men often feel overwhelmed, because the make-puraannya. If this guy be to be honest, it would be more respected for his honesty.

5. Medium Curly Hair
This guy be like to make people laugh and humorous, and can be serious when meghadapi a particular issue. However, behind the nature of humor, generally this type of hair he has a childlike nature, particularly if supported by the surrounding environment.

6. Medium Hair Ikal
Kind of guy with this hair is also generally humorous, candid, open, and the patient. However, men's hair type is also selfish and often will not budge.

7. Smooth Straight Hair
Type of man a straight fine hair limp usually knowledgeable, very romantic, and very open, also a socialist.

8. Curly Fine Hair
Kind of guy with this hair is generally humorous, relaxed, easy going, open, is also critical of the various problems confronting. However, if there are wants, then this type of man often will not budge and selfish.

9. Smooth hair Ikal
Type man curly hair is usually smooth but often look quirky, a trendsetter, like the world of art and entertainment. However, this guy be unpredictable, vindictive, dulit to work with, and generally less able to whom the communication, so often misunderstood.

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