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Love never asked, he Sentiasa giving, love brings pain, but never bear a grudge, never take revenge. Where there is love there is life; when hatred leads to destruction.

God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear and two eyes to see. But why God only gave us a piece of heart? Because God has given us another piece of liver to someone looking for us. That's the name of Love.

There are 2 drops of tears flowing in a river. One bead tu tears tears greeted the other one, "I have tears of a girl who loves a man but has been lost. Who you are? ". Answer the second tear drops tu, "I am the tears of a man who regrets letting a girl who loves me went so sahaja."

True love is when he loves someone else, and you are still able to smile, and say: I'm happy for you.

If we love someone, we will pray Sentiasa although he was not at our side.

Do not occasionally say goodbye when you still want to try. Do not occasionally give up if you still feel able. Do not occasionally say you do not love him anymore if you still can not forget.

It started feeling the love from the eyes, while feeling like starting from ears. So if you Want to stop liking someone, just by closing the ears. But if you try to close your eyes from the people you love, love turned into a teardrop and continue to live within dihatimu long time.

Love comes to those who still have hope even though they have been disappointed. To those who still believe, even though they had been betrayed. To those who still want to love, even though they've been hurt before and to those who have the courage and confidence to build back trust.

Do not store the words of love to the dear people that he died, because eventually you have recorded the words on the tomb of love. Conversely speak words of love that is saved dibenakmu it now while there is life.

Maybe God wants us to meet and have sex with the wrong people before meeting the right person, we must understand how kurniaan grateful for that.

Love is not teaching us weak, but of power. Love teaches us not humiliate ourselves, but it has breathed valor. Love is not discouraging, but inspiring-Hamka

Love can turn bitter into sweet, turned gold dust, cloudy to clear, heal illness, the prison into the lake, pain becomes pleasure, and anger into mercy.

It hurts to love someone who does not love you, but more painful is to love someone and you never have the courage to express your love to him.

The sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you. Only to find Wordpress to be no means to the end and you have to let go.

You know that you really miss someone, when you think about your heart shattered.
And just by hearing the word "Hi" from it, can reunite the pieces of liver.

God created love 100 a share. 99 saved his side and only 1 portion lowered into the world. With the love that one portion of that, being loved each other so that the horse berkasih lifted his leg terpijak kerana fear.

Sometimes you do not appreciate someone who loves you with all my heart, until that you lose it. At that moment, nothing to regret for the departure without berpatah again.

Do not love someone like flowers, dead flowers kerana when the season changed. Love them like a river, flowing rivers kerana forever.

Love able to soften the metal, destroy the stone, raise the dead and breathes her life and make slaves became leader. This is dasyatnya love!

The beginning of love is to let those you love be themselves, and not change the picture you want. If not, you just love the reflection of ourselves that you find in him.

Love is a feeling that there must be in every human being, he is like the dew that setitis down from the sky, clean and pure. Just a tanahnyalah accept divergent. If he falls into a barren land, grows by the dew kerana iniquity, lie, cheat, unfaithful steps and other despicable things. But if he falls to the fertile soil, there will grow kesuciaan heart, sincerity, loyalty high manners and other mannerisms that commendable. ~ Hamka

The words of love that was born just on the lips and the heart can not squeeze a whole body and soul, when the words of love that is born from a sincere heart mengubati able to wound the hearts of all who heard it.

You never know when you'll fall in love. but until such time when it, seize with both hands, and do not let him go with a million taste dihatinya question mark

Love is not cheap and common words spoken from mouth to mouth but love is a beautiful gift of God and holy, if humans can assess purity.

It's not the name if the sea water was not choppy. His name is not love if the feeling was never hurt. Not a lover if her name is never missed and jealousy.

Making love was easy. To be loved is also easy. But to be loved by the people we love that is difficult to obtain.

The only way that we might have love, is not to demand that we loved, but start giving affection to others without expecting a reply.

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