Wise said the Greek Filsut

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• Phytagoras said, "if you want to live happy, MKA willing to let you in regard as not reasonable or is considered a fool".
• A blow from a better friend than the kisses of the enemy.
• Phytagoras said, "do not ever believe in the love that comes suddenly, because he'll leave you with too sudden".

• Do not be proud of what you did today, because you never know what will be provided by the next day.


• People who want to have fun must like exhausted from work.
• Do not make friends with bad people because of your nature will steal their nature without you knowing it.
• Plato said, "People who have knowledge to understand the stupid people because he was never stupid, and stupid people who do not know the people who have knowledge because he never learned".
• Budi high character is feeling ashamed of yourself.
• Plato in Question, "How do I make someone used to live in peace?". He replied, "If the person does not commit crimes and do not be sad about something that in its natural, then he would feel calm".
• Humility someone in the know by two things: a lot of talk about the things that are not useful, and tell when not in question.
• Not too many people know. Causes, you are more often hurt by people you know, while people who do not know you can barely hurt you.
• Love is the movement of an empty soul without a mind.


• "people aspiring are warning people who consider him a soft rebuke than the flattery of sycophants melodious exaggerated"
• "If you advise people who blame the gentle berlemah so he does not feel the strip"
• "people who clandestinely perform an act that is not done openly, he was not valuable in the face of her"


• Someone slapped cheek Socrates, and then slap it on the former Socrates wrote "Someone has slapped me this reply".
• Socrates on the stain from eating too little, then the answer, "I eat to live, not live to eat".
• Socrates on the defect because the do not talk much, he replied, "Allah has created two ears and one tongue for me so I've heard a lot from speaking, but you more talk than to listen".
• After the old age, Socrates, to learn music. Then there are people said to him, "do you not ashamed to learn in old age?". He replied, "I feel more ashamed to be fools in old age".
• Socrates said, "Try it, just stories. Understand first, then answer. Think first, then berkata.Dengarlah first, then give the assessment. Work first, and only hope.
• Socrates said, "makes sense stunned sadness and grief-stricken berdaya.jika you, receive him with courage and sense berdayakanlah to find a way out".
• Do not fill your soul to tell other oarng, because really ugly people who put his property at home and show off its contents.
• welfare warned, while advising disaster.
• Do not comment on other people's mistakes, because that person will benefit from your knowledge and at the enemy.

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