Danger Adult Film For Children & Teenagers

12:50 PM

A recent study again reveals the evil consequences if children watch adult movies. Studies show children and teenagers who watch scenes of violence and vulgarity in the film involved a risk of alcohol problems.

Studies of children and young let 6255 to see movies with violence and sexual content are not permitted for children under the age of 17 years. eports published in the journal Science found Prevention, 6250 children who watch such films have a greater desire to do high-risk.

James Sargent, a pediatric from Dartmouth Medical School said, watching a movie like that makes teens want to look for more challenging risk. Not just try to drink alcohol, but also boost the sensation seeking personality. So that adolescents are more prone to engage in all kinds of dangerous behavior.

He told the parents to supervise children viewing behavior and not allow children under 17 years old watching those films.

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