how to permanently delete my facebook

10:00 AM

Finally after my long search for an article about howto delete Facebook, I get the article I thought was best (I do not know whether you think) hehehe ...

Previous to honor that has been made to this article, I provide the source ::how to permanently delete facebook::

Maybe this will make you upset because it took long enough, let alone who already have the old facebook account...

this is step by step:

  • Delete all your friends by clicking the "x" then select "delete friend".
  • Delete all photos in your album pages. How, go to page images, then select an album and select "delete this album."
  • Remove all the comments you send, by going to your profile page and select "x" and select "Delete" in each box and the wall to your comment.
  • Out of your membership in the group, fans, and supporters in the INFO page. You do this by visiting your group and select "delete".
  • Delete all info about you select the edit info
  • Remove all existing tags on your photos page

  • Once confirmed, facebook will tell you that if you do not login for 14 days, your account will be deleted and not recoverable.
  • After that facebook will automatically log out.
  • Please check with a signed 14 days later with your account. If you can not mean that you managed to delete facebook

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