whether mobile mp3 and laptop dangerous?

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Nowadays Many high-tech goods are used to help complete the task and as a communication tool mainstay of many people. Such as laptops and cell phones, used incessantly in every human activity in the world.

However, realize, the danger behind the use of high-tech goods such. And true that mobile phone use may cause damage to the human brain?

In order to know the truth, know the facts and myths about high-tech goods as quoted by The Sun following pages:
Mobile phones and brain tumors:
Recent studies have shown no clear link between cell phones and brain cancer. If you still feel uneasy that there is the issue, there is always a good idea to use one set of hands-free when communicating with your phone.
MP3 and hearing loss:
Listening to music via the MP3 will not cause hearing loss, as long as the volume mounted within reasonable limits. The problem, if the volume you are installing generate noise that is if the noise level reached 120 decibels more, equivalent to a jet engine.

And it is true that the level of a very high volume of music can cause deafness, ringing in the ears and headaches, at least in the short term. But long-term effects are unclear.
Laptops cause infertility:
Many laptop users put this gadget in the thigh when the machine boots. Bahayakah? They can warm up your scrotum with two or three degrees. But it was not known for certain, whether the right can bake your testicles and affect your fertility.

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