The Beautiful ofThe Death

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All the people will surely die at any time, whether I like or what her death. And each person will experience death, although the meaning of "experience" is not the same as that dipersepsi by people who live. Death is a part of life that be, like the birth. The difference is that the first mark the end of another life while the last mark the beginning of a life. Birth and death can be like the tip of the assumptive seutas of rope called life, but different point throughout the age ranges. And it is in the middle of life and that there are.

Death is a mystery. Many who do not know what the world after death. But many also believe that there is "another life" after death. Many also believe that death is the end of everything and end someone's existence, and after that there is a lack. Many also believe that death is the beginning of a new life in the form of a cycle. Regardless of the trust, no one knows what the situation and conditions after death. Many mengandaikannya as a condition of "nothingness", that is an early death from a lack of, against the birth is regarded as the beginning of an absence. Materialistic? It is true, but at least it is until we know at this time with "common sense" we as human beings. And the rest is trust.

For certain people, the death must be faced with a preparation to enter a world with peace. Death, for them, is a last rest in peace. That may be the tomb of the dead have been written "Rest in Peace", abbreviated RIP. That mortality is a health toward peace. And peace is a continuation of death, because death will toward peace. And longed for peace is every person, who, if not found in the living world, may be found in the "world" of the dead.

People have also said the dead "has died quietly." Of course, all be convinced, although sometimes not as a very subjective, that people will die, "surely" die quietly. Never say "died with in a hurry" or "died with anger", because calmness is the face of a death. And even though the dead are dead and in a way that the condition "not cool", they certainly are not dead said the other had died quietly. There may be a ditakutkan. May also not ready to die, and may also be related to the trust.

However, I believe my confidence even though this may be the early conclusion relalu, that all people want the death can be a beautiful way through. Civilized and not barbaric, "planned" and not "outside the plan." Of course, for people who will die, how to die is very important. Once again, so that he can be with them quietly. For others are also important. But this one has many reasons. There are reasons to be emotional, family, and even for reasons of human rights. But believe me, once again with the early withdrawal of the same conclusion, that every person in this world surely want to die with the beautiful, respectful and polite. How can different people each. Category also died in a way that is not beautiful, is not respected and not civilized.

And if that does not occur if the death occurs in a manner that is beautiful, honorable, and ethical? In fact nothing happens. But for the other person, the death of such a model will leave the problem. Problems for yourselves, especially. Like something is up. And usually the question: why you should like this?

But it is going. Each person can plan every detail in their lives. Perhaps because he was champion in the planning or predict blade. But people will never be able to plan and predict when he will die and what death is to be dilakoninya. All well-mystery, with the mystery of the dead.

And death, belief in some people, is the beginning of a life. Life after death is believed to be full of peace and tranquility. As a quote I found I already forgot where, but it read:

when life ends, the mistery of life begins

Logiskah it? Of course not. But not the logic that is used there, but the other things. What is that? Many of the term, mind, feelings, emotions, mind, soul, and other things beyond human reasoning in a logical-dikotomi not logical. Logical-not logia that other matters, but the way to death, I believe with the early conclusion of the same, that all people will choose how to die a beautiful, respectful, and polite. There is no need to use logic-nirlogika there.

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