Identify Causes of Mouth Odor

8:25 PM

Bad breath (halitosis) and body odor (bromidrosis) is a common problem experienced by people. The fundamental cause poor dental hygiene. However, there are more other causes.

The problem in the area around the teeth, such as gum problems, cavities or tartar, could make a stink breath. In addition, other disease being suffered can also spread to the mouth odor.

Ranging from respiratory infections, salivary gland disorders, digestive disorders, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, to diabetes. Not to forget the less healthy habits. For example the wrong diet, smoking, frequent constipation and heartburn, or consumption of alcohol.

Ritual fasting can also cause "morning breath" due to lack of saliva to wash the bacteria in the mouth.

To fix this:
- Do check up to make sure no holes in the tooth or gum problems. Clean your tongue every day of every finished brushing his teeth.

- Get used to defecate every day.

- Drinking juice every day with mixed psylium husk, a type of fiber that can remove toxins from the colon.

- Supply of chlorophyll (the green substance of all the green), such as wheat grass, barley, spirulina, chorella.

- Remove the remaining mucus and toxins in the body by taking vitamin C. It's also good to prevent problems in the gums.

- Ensure water intake is sufficient.

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