Striking of the Human Brain

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How big is your understanding of the brain? Of course, all agree that the brain is the central coordination, intelligence and a place to store all forms of memory. Apparently there are other things about the brain that can make dumbfounded.

As quoted from MSN Health, on Wednesday (6/10/10), there are other facts that surprise of the brain:
1. Eyeball is an extension of the brain
If a human skull was opened and his brain removed carefully, we can be sure will come eyeball to be drawn out of place. This is because the brain connect directly with both eyes through the lobes at the back of the eyeball.

Unlike the other four senses are connected to the brain through the nervous system is convoluted, the sense of sight has a special line to the brain which directly process the shadow and light captured by the retina.
2. Brain surgery can be done when the patient was conscious
In patients with brain tumors and seizures due to epilepsy, doctors can operate on the patient's brain as he asked her to speak. This method is believed to be safe and accurate in mapping the brain which have problems, in relation to the control of vision, language and gestures.
3. The brain can not feel pain
Brain surgery can be done when the patient in a conscious state because none of the recipients of pain stimuli in the brain. The brain does not have a system to detect temperature, pressure and even tissue damage.

In patients with tumors or cysts in the brain, pain is actually happening rather than the brain. Pressures arising not hurt the brain, but the actual pain stimulus occurs in tissues and blood vessels around the brain.
4. The brain is very greedy for oxygen
Although the composition of the brain is only 2 percent of total body mass, this section spends a total of 20 percent oxygen demand. That is, one-fifth of the incoming supply of oxygen while breathing will immediately run to the brain.

This also causes the brain vulnerable to damage under conditions of oxygen deprivation. If you did not get oxygen supply within 4 minutes, brain cells will begin to experience death.
5. The brain makes humans can not tickle themselves
Humans easily amused when tickled someone else, but if it tickles himself did not even amused. This is because the brain can distinguish the touch from the body or another person.

Part of the brain responsible in recognizing that touch is a small part called the cerebellum. When the nerves to send signals of touch from his own body parts, the cerebellum will send a reply signal to ignore these stimuli so that will not seem amused.
6. The brain can also be deceived
Optical illusion is one example of how the brain is very easy to be deceived. By packaging science, optical illusion has been a game that's fun and helps to understand things that previously seemed miraculous.

For example, the image points with a certain pattern, if viewed from an arbitrary angle would look like he was moving. Another example is a row of parallel lines that seem not aligned with any particular pattern that disrupt brain interpretation of the shadow image.

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